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Our leadership team leverages a robust combination of public- and private-sector experience to ensure our foundation and our projects are results oriented.

Walufu Evans
Executive director

Walufu is an engineer with experience in technical sales engineering, project management and helping businesses to start up. Walufu possesses very good skills in team management and has managed various teams at different levels of his life. He is a leader by gift and the Founder of the Casey Foundation. Walufu is on a journey to ensure that girls grow into empowered and responsible women.

Akampa Secret
Head of basic education

Secret is a professional teacher with a bachelor’s degree in arts with education from Kyambogo University, Uganda. She is a hard working, inspirational and motivated teacher leader with the ability to lead, empower and transform communities. Secret is an advocate for education equity and the rights of a girl child. She is involved in teaching parents to administer proper parenting. 

Thembo Seth
Head of field studies

Seth is an agribusiness expert with seven years of experience working with communities in agro-enterprise development and raising agribusinesses. He specializes in agro-enterprise development and is responsible for offering financial literacy and technical advice for different agricultural enterprises in the communities he serves. Seth uses his positive attitude and tireless energy to encourage others to work smart towards success. He holds a bachelor’s degree in agribusiness management from Makerere University and has worked with different organizations. Seth has served as an agricultural extension officer with Bifriens Uganda limited, as a district coordinator with Bifriens Uganda limited, and as head of projects with Rwenzori vocational college and is also a co-director at Rwenzori vocational college, established to skill the underprivileged youth and those who cannot proceed with university education. He has a strong love for others and believes that development can only be achieved when everyone wins. He connects much with the Casey Foundation’s goals and objectives, especially in empowering girls and the sustainable development goals.

Tricia Vos
Content manager

Tricia Vos is a scientist by training and spent her career at a major global pharmaceutical company before shifting her focus in life toward volunteer service. Over the past decade, she has participated in over 35 international short term mission projects designed to improve the lives of vulnerable families in rural communities in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. She has also worked with several charitable organizations to improve their communication resources and develop strategies for outreach and volunteer engagement. Tricia is grateful to be able to utilize her leadership, communication and organization skills to bring people together virtually and in person to make a difference in this world.

Beatrice Namagembe
SRHR advocate

Namagembe is a population Health advocate who has strategically focused her career to create change and make a difference in marginalized communities since her early years. Namagembe believes that with good health, systems can work well interchangeably. With great mentoring from various leadership positions held, she has participated in various outreaches and educational gatherings sensitizing communities on health matters. She also works part-time as a counselor for youths, especially those in schools. Namagembe holds a Bachelor’s degree in Demography and Reproductive Health from Kyambogo University and is passionate about books, music and movies.

Elizabeth Hynes
Funding Coordinator

Elizabeth is experienced in science research and engineering inventions law. She has a PhD in physics and is partially qualified in European patent law. She wishes to use the skills she has gained to help others and the cause of vulnerable women and girls in every part of the world. Elizabeth also volunteers for a United States based women and girls charity. Her grant application writing, and legal research skills help to find the resources and pathways needed to succeed by finding funding or collaboration opportunities.

Mularo Deborah Mbabazi

Deborah has been in the nursing field for over 4 years, trained at Rubongi military hospital, served as a voluntary assistant nurse in Mbale regional hospital and medical assistant at camp Taji, Baghdad, Iraq. She has had much success counselling patients, pregnant mothers, people living with HIV, assisting doctors, sensitizing communities about HIV, girl child, public health, domestic violence, family planning and hygiene. She also holds a diploma in business studies from Makerere business institute and also covered other courses during her three years of service in Iraq which include but not limited to security and administration. As an agricultural practitioner since 2012, she has been able to help and voluntarily train a number of people on various modern farming techniques. Deborah is passionate about helping communities and seeing people develop.

Paola Giampa
Women's advocate

Paola’s primary focus is UX Design and design thinking. She is fascinated by the creation and development of humanities projects. She has worked in broadcast production as a videomaker in Italy and Germany and volunteers in an association for the homeless people in Hamburg. Paola is currently developing a personal project: a service platform that wants to help women in a current state of flux, help bring people together, and make a change – of any kind – commonplace and accessible to everyone. Her passion and experience as a videomaker are available to serve the causes of the Casey Foundation because she embraces the Casey Foundation’s mission and vision completely.

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