Casey Foundation Africa

Formation of Casey Foundation

The organisation was founded and incorporated in 2020 following a story that aired on NBS TV, a local television station on 6th June 2020 in Lwanda village, Luuka district in Eastern Uganda where a 13 year old pupil of primary five got pregnant and in her narration said, “The man bought me a bottle of soda, a cake, gave me 2000 UGX (less than 1 USD) and promised to buy me a dress. I had sex with him, I conceived and now thinking of abortion but life is hard.” Her friends of the same school also narrated “During menstruation, the man got me pads (sanitary towels), after he asked me to reward him, we had sex and I got pregnant,” “He used to come to our house and did whatever he wanted with me and when I got pregnant, he is nowhere to be seen.” This formed Casey Formation with the intention of ending child marriage and teenage pregnancy and to meet the needs of married children. 

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